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Hunting for european roe deer

European roe deer hunting in Belarus starts on May 15 and closes on December 31.


In the 15.05 – 30.09 term it is permitted to hunt buck doe during the rut (individual stalking, ambushing (from a stand), baiting). The best time to obtain a good trophy is the rut period (July-August) depending on weather conditions. It is at this time that individual hunt (either by stalking from a deer stand) for trophy doe is organized which allows for evaluating the trophy beforehand, since the hunt mostly takes place in the daylight.

At the end of the rut (end of August – beginning of September depending on the region) buck does stop reacting to the call and it becomes possible to hunt them only by stalking of from a stand in the feeding areas. The daytime becomes shorter and the hunt usually takes place during twilight.

From October 1 to December 31 stalking, ambushing (from a stand), flushing is permitted. In this term it is also permitted to hunt both trophy and non-trophy game, however, the probability of obtaining a trophy, especially in chasing hunt, is much lower.

In the end of October – early November buck does shed their antlers and trophy hunt becomes irrelevant.

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