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Hunting for wolf

ВОЛК КАРТА Hunting for a wolf in Belarus can be carried out all the year round.

In the winter period, if there is snow, it can be mined by the use of flags. It is also possible to organize hunting from the towers at the seashore, as well as with luring (on a vow).

In the spring and autumn, it is possible to organize a hunt for a vow, as well as for a bait hunt.

The best time for hunting a wolf with luring (on a vow) is the middle of summer - July the beginning of August.



The package price is 1095 €, it includes:

- extraction of wolf;
- Delivery to the hunting farm and back to the airport after the end of the hunt;
- 5 days of organization of individual hunting;
- Provision of rental hunting weapons or clearance of documents for the import of weapons of the hunter;
- accommodation and meals;
- translation services;
- the primary preparation of the extracted trophy.
The cost of the second wolf is 200 euros.
In the case of the hunter's extraction of a wolf, he is given the opportunity of additional extraction of the beaver at the expense of the hunting farm.
If the hunter did not have the opportunity to shoot, the hunting farm returns 100 euros.
Currently, the export of the wolf trophy from Belarus is prohibited.

Cost of organization of a hunting tours, as well as cost of hunting trophies for foreign citizens:

Service name Cost of services for one hunter (Euro):
1) Obtaining permission to import weapons (per 1 unit) - 50 Euro
2) Rent of service weapon (per 1 unit) - 50 Euro
3) Ammunition for service weapons (per 1 pc.):
threaded - Euro
smoothbore -  2,5 Euro
4) Delivery of hunters to the hunting farm (per 1 km) - 0.35 Euro
5) Organization of hunting (per hunter per day):
*Solo hunt for ungulates  - 50 Euro
*Driven hunting and wolf hunting with flags - 55 Euro
6) Organization of accommodation for the hunter or accompanying -  from 25 Euro
7) Providing three meals a day per person per day (alcoholic drinks are paid in addition)  - from 25 Euro
8) Documents for the export of trophies (trophy list, veterinary certificate, international veterinary certificate) -50 Euro
9) Primary trophy preparation:
*Deer, Elk  - 25Euro
*Roe deer - 20 Euro
10) Translation services (from a group of hunters per day)  - 50 Euro