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Hunting for roe


Hunting for roe deer in Belarus opens from 15 May and closes on 31 December.

From 15.05 to 30.09 hunting for trophy males during the rut is allowed (individual from the approach, from the ambush (from the tower), with luring (with mank) .The best time for hunting during the rut is July-August, depends on the weather conditions. At this time, individual hunting (from the approach or from the tower) is mainly organized for the trophy, during which it is possible to estimate the trophy quality.
At the end of the rut (late August - early September, depending on the region), males stop reacting to decoys and it becomes possible to organize hunting only from the approach or from the tower.
From October 1 to December 31 - hunting for roe deer is allowed from the approach, from ambush (from the tower), enclosure hunting. During this period, it is possible to obtain both trophy and non-trophy animals, but the possibility to pray a trophy male roe, especially on a chase hunting, is much lower.
In late October - early November, male roe deer throw off horns and it becomes impossible to obtain a trophy.

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The cost of hunting is 1495 €, it includes:
- 2 trophies of roe deer up to 349 g;
- Delivery to the hunting farm and back to the airport after the end of the hunt;
- 5 days of organization of individual hunting;
- Provision of rental hunting weapons or clearance of documents for the import of weapons of the hunter;
- accommodation and meals;
- translation services;
- The primary preparation of the extracted trophy;
- registration of the veterinary certificate and all necessary documents for the export of the trophy.

In the event that the hunter extracts a trophy of roe deer with a mass of 350 gr. and more, he will need to make an additional payment:
Horns with a skull without a mandible weighing (gr): 
350-399 gr.-- 100 euro
400-449 gr. -- 200 euro
and so on - 100 euros for every 50 gr.

If the hunter did not have the opportunity to shoot (the beast is not exposed at a distance of 150 meters), then the hunting farm returns 300 euros (not mined any roe deer) or 150 euros (one roe was mined). If the opportunity to shoot was, but the hunter did not use it - the money does not return.
In the case of the hunter's extraction of two roe deer, he is given the opportunity to obtain additional beaver at the expense of the hunting farm.
When a third roe is mined by one hunter, a 10% discount is given to this trophy from the price list operating in the hunting farm.
If weighing occurs within a day, then the weight of the trophy is reduced by 5%.

Cost of organization of a hunting tours, as well as cost of hunting trophies for foreign citizens:

Service name Cost of services for one hunter (Euro):
1) Obtaining permission to import weapons (per 1 unit) - 50 Euro
2) Rent of service weapon (per 1 unit) - 50 Euro
3) Ammunition for service weapons (per 1 pc.):
threaded - Euro
smoothbore -  2,5 Euro
4) Delivery of hunters to the hunting farm (per 1 km) - 0.35 Euro
5) Organization of hunting (per hunter per day):
*Solo hunt for ungulates  - 50 Euro
*Driven hunting and wolf hunting with flags - 55 Euro
6) Organization of accommodation for the hunter or accompanying -  from 25 Euro
7) Providing three meals a day per person per day (alcoholic drinks are paid in addition)  - from 25 Euro
8) Documents for the export of trophies (trophy list, veterinary certificate, international veterinary certificate) -50 Euro
9) Primary trophy preparation:
*Deer, Elk  - 25Euro
*Roe deer - 20 Euro
10) Translation services (from a group of hunters per day)  - 50 Euro