About us

National Public Association “Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen” invites for hunting.

Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen was founded in 1921 and to this day it is the leading organization in the field of hunting tourism. It is the biggest tenant of the hunting lands in Belarus leasing more 11 million hectares or 65% of all chase of the country. In the lands of Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen hunting for elk, red deer, roe, capercailzie, blackcock, woodcock, waterfowl and moorfowl, wolf, fox is organized.

Hunters from all over the world come here and everyone has a chance to leave with unique trophies. A corresponding infrastructure has been created here, including a set of services for living, feeding, preparing a hunting land for hunting, the work of gamekeeper, using transport during hunting and preparing trophies.

Hunters are especially interested in beating, blind hunting, stalking from stationary and temporary hunting towers, baiting.

Belarusian legislation allows exporting of hunting trophies, the best souvenir to commemorate the trip to Belarus.

Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen will help you to choose a hunting tour in any of our hunting entities. We may help you legalize necessary documents to enter the territory of the country, import the weapon and ammunition, hunting dogs, export trophies, and also organize delivery to the hunting entity.

Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen sells a wide range of travel services (hunting tours, accommodation) and extras (meals, transfers, excursions).

Experienced gamekeepers and wardens will gladly assist you in your hunting endeavor.

Nowadays successfully operate more than 25 hunting lodges, where tourists can stay. Such a house is convenient for visitors. It include a sauna, arbor, barbecue, aviary for dogs - that is all that can be useful a person both for hunting and for a good rest.

The right of hunting in the Republic of Belarus is granted to foreign citizens in the presence of corresponding hunting documents issued in the country of residence. All other aspects of organizing normal or trophy hunting for any wilderness species we take on ourselves.

Depending on the place of hunting, as well as at the request of the customer, the delivery of tourists to the hunting place is carried out by cars.

We are ready to provide you the following services:

1. At your request, we will select hunting facilities in any region of Belarus.

2. We will help you to obtain a visa and other necessary documents for entry and stay in the territory of the Republic of Belarus for both hunters and accompanying persons.

3. We will provide the client with the necessary information about the legislation and the rules of hunting in the Republic of Belarus.

4. We will issue a permit for the import and return of arms and ammunition or lease them.

5. We will meet guests and hunters at the airport or at the border crossing. And if it is necessary, we will help with the passage of customs control, filling in customs declarations, issuing a veterinary certificate for the extracted trophy and so on.

6. We deliver from the airport or from the railway (auto) station to the hunting farm and back.

7. We will provide foreign citizens with the services of an interpreter.